Ladies and Gentleman, start your engines and prepare to experience big league racing, go-kart style at Accra's #1 Raceway! If driving a fancy car and the thrill of speed get your heart pumping, you won't want to miss this race, top-level performance (9.0 hp/3,600 rpm) and handling. The karts are powered by Honda GX270k1 engines, which ensure equal acceleration, guaranteeing that all clients have the most competitive karts available.

Our concrete track is guaranteed to please even the most experienced driver. Hairpin turns and Eagle racing karts that reach gut ranching speeds, combine to offer every driver an unforgettable race! Helmets and head net are provided to ensure you are immersed in the racing experience with a high level of safety.

Wonderland Park is home to Quick Fix. Where tasty, nutritious meals answer the call of your grumbling tummy in a flash. We have an assortment of meals and drinks to love. Make a quick stop at Quick Fix when you visit Wonderland Park.

All play and no break makes the play dull. So stop over at La Petite Maison to catch your breath for a moment with a cup of coffee and delectable treats before you get back to your fun. You'll be glad you did
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Wonderland Kids Park offers a sensational array of kids’ games and activities throughout the year with facilities such as bouncy castles, See-saw rides, a soccer field, toy car rides, caged balls, a dolphin spray pool, a paintball field, a playhouse, photo-booth, caterpillar tunnel, volleyball court, train station, merry-go-round, characters enclave, ping pong table, trampoline, arcade, Quick Fix Fast Food, La Petite Maison Cafe, bowling alley, rock climber, amusement park, toy car area etc. Families can also enjoy delicious meals and beverages from Quick Fix fast food and La Petite Maison Cafe

About us

Racing Info.

1. Walk to A1 raceway ticket booth
2. Pick the Race package you want,
3. Read the liability waiver and sign. Before paying for your race at Cashier. Cashier would give you your ticket for the race


Entertainment Hours

Closed on Mondays except Holidays
Closed on Tuesdays-Friday
Saturday: 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm.
Sunday: 12:00 pm. - 8:00 pm.