Equipping Suspenders

Equipping Suspenders

Stockings were first presented in 1940s; suspenders or garter belts came into fashion in 1950s. At that time, the equipping suspenders that were available in the market were made of laces and ribbons, therefore making them unpleasant to wear.


After these ribbon suspenders, suspenders with clips were introduced. Yet even these were awkward. The factor behind this was that these could not hold the stockings for even more compared to 20 mins. The main task of an equipping supporter or a garter belt is to hold up the stockings. As well as by keeping this function of a supporter in mind, suspenders with metal clips were presented. A bulk of ladies found that the suspenders with metal clasps are better than plastic clasps, as these can in fact grasp the stockings and also stop them from dropping.


Suspenders usually come with either 4 or six straps. Good high quality suspenders are made up of different size bands on the front, back as well as sides.


classic suspenders Occasionally, one gets skin allergic reactions with these suspenders - be they plastic or metal. A comfy as well as useful equipping suspender should be of cotton, as it stays in the place and also the bands do all the grip work. The straps should be carefully elastic and not as well thick as well as loose.

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