Terms and Conditions

General Regulations
  1. You agree on behalf of yourself and the driver to observe all track rules and regulations and all instructions given by A1 Raceway, including our Kart coordinators.
  2. You agree on behalf of yourself and the driver to observe and comply with any advice, instruction, request or decision made by us whether on the grounds of the safety of the driver or any other person or for any other reason at all.
  3. You agree on behalf of yourself and the driver that our opinion on all matters regarding safety will be final.
  4. You agree on behalf of yourself and the driver that any driver acting in a manner, which in our opinion, is dangerous or may interfere with or disrupt the experience, will at our sole discretion and without further liability to us immediately have the experience terminated without refund.
  5. The driver must not have consumed any alcohol prior to racing and we will be entitled at any time to prevent a driver from driving who, in our opinion, may have consumed alcohol beforehand.
  6. No driver will be allowed to take part in any experience unless they have attended the full safety briefing preceding the experience.
  7. Where required all A1 raceway drivers, without exception, must wear their own or the provided crash helmet, gloves and suitable sports shoes. – – Sandals are not acceptable.
Cancellation and Refunds
  • No refunds of the price will be payable by A1 Raceway.
  • We reserve the right to cancel an experience due to adverse weather conditions that may affect your safety.
  • We cannot be held liable for any costs incurred in this circumstance.
  • You will be entitled to use an alternative experience session no more than three months after the initial cancelled experience.
  • If you fail to follow our code of conduct or instructions issued by staff, or if you are black-flagged on the track, there will be NO REFUND for your visit with us

Social Media
  • By entering this venue, you are agreeing that should any digital content (images or Videos) be generated by A1 Raceway or accredited Photographers or Videographers, A1 Raceway incurs the right to use this content for promotional use.
  • A1 will always ask the user permission before publishing self-user generated content.
Please note that choosing to race means you have read and agreed to comply with all terms and conditions specified.
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1. Walk to A1 raceway ticket booth
2. Pick the Race package you want,
3. Read the liability waiver and sign. Before paying for your race at Cashier. Cashier would give you your ticket for the race


Entertainment Hours

Closed on Mondays except Holidays
Closed on Tuesdays-Friday
Saturday: 12:00 pm - 10:00 pm.
Sunday: 12:00 pm. - 8:00 pm.